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What is the North Dakota Aviation Council?

The North Dakota Aviation Council was founded in 1983 by six aviation organizations interested in promoting aviation in the state and presenting their concerns before government and the general public. It was founded with the notion that solutions to problems facing aviation can be best served by consolidating and working together rather than struggling as independent special interest groups Business Jets. The NDAC seeks to serve business aviation professionals by providing a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and experience among their peers-pilots, agricultural operators, airport managers, FBO’s, aviation mechanics, educators and aviation museums in Fargo and Minot.

Advancing the goals of the member organization is an important function of the annual Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium and European private jet.
Over the years the Council has become an influential voice for the flying public and aviation services in North Dakota. By combining our talents and resources, we are set to explore answers to the most pressing issues of today to ready ourselves for the exciting aviation world of tomorrow.

To communicate the issues, the happenings locally, statewide and on the national scene, the Council provides to the memberships of all organizations Private Jet rental and the “North Dakota Aviation Quarterly”. This publication has been in existence for twenty years, providing information to all of North Dakota aviation and Jet Sharing.

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